More info on the LSF day

Hi everyone,

We wanted to send you some additional information about the LSF (League of silent flight) day planned for August 30, the day after the ALES contest.

What is the League of silent flight?

LSF is an accomplishment/proficiency program for soaring that has 5 different levels, and it’s a great companion to ALES. To obtain each level, there are a series of challenges. For example the Level I requires two 5 minute flights and 5 landings within 3 meters of the target; Level II requires two 15 minutes flights, 10 landings within 1.5m of the target, and some accumulation of contest points. Higher levels introduce the idea of cross country flight – soaring towards a goal that is 1, 2 or 10km away and coming back, all within one flight.

How is the Montreal/Ottawa crowd involved?

Last year, an “Electric” version of the LSF program was released and a few of us started to work at it. Brian had piqued our curiosity by telling us about the original LSF (winch-launch) program, which he had participated in and reached level 4 in, so we were quite enthusiastic! You might have signed some spot landing points for us at a contest this year or seen us try our thermal duration flights after contests here and at Polecat. It’s a great way to stay motivated and it’s a different type of accomplishment than winning contests – you can do it at your own pace, and you are only competing with yourself. In fact as Fabien and I learned as we both flew our duration flights after the Mats contest and helped each other find thermals, cooperation even helps.

What is the LSF day on August 30th?

We hope you will join us in this challenge! That’s why Fabien is hosting a LSF day on the 30th. We are hoping some of you will stay over in Lacolle. If we can get a handful of people together, we will arrange all the paperwork and get LSF stickers & cards to get everyone started. We will guide you through the first steps and lay out the day to facilitate people timing and witnessing for each other. We think that anyone who signs up can achieve their Level I on Saturday as part of the ALES competition and get a strong start on their Level II on Sunday.

The registration link is here: LSF day, and the ALES competition (register for one or both).

Full instructions are here if you want to read them (but, we will walk you through them):

All aspects of participation in the LSF are free.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Fabien & Isabel

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